Hanging in the Sky

Stefano Maltese

Open Music Orchestra

Splasc(h) (LP H139), 1988, (CDH 139.2), 2004

1. Open Window 2:18
2. Dans Les Ciels 11:09
3. Shadows Of Yesterday 5:58
4. Hanging In The Sky 6:43
5. Something In The Air 5:26
6. Miroir Oblique 6:14
7. Elephants Waltz 9:54
8. At End Of Day 3:04
9. Mood Indigo 16:30

All compositions & arrangements by Stefano Maltese

Track# 9 by Bigard, Ellington, Mills, arranged by Stefano Maltese

Tracks # 1 to 8:
Stefano Maltese: soprano, alto & tenor saxes; Bb & bass clarinet
Eugenio Colombo: soprano & alto saxes; flute
Carlo Actis Dato: baritone sax, bass clarinet
Pino Minafra: trumpet & flüegelhorn
Luca Bonvini: trombone
Sebi Tramontana: trombone
Martin Joseph: piano
Enrico Fazio: double bass
Antonio Moncada: drums
Gioconda Cilio: vocals

Track # 9:
Stefano Maltese: alto sax
Eugenio Colombo: soprano sax
Carlo Actis Dato: baritone sax
Alberto Mandarini: trumpet
Lauro Rossi: trombone
Sebi Tramontana: trombone
Umberto Petrin: piano
Giovanni Maier: double bass
Antonio Moncada: drums
Gioconda Cilio: vocals

Tracks # 1 to 8 recorded at Camelot Studios, Rome, July 7, 1987
Track #9 recorded live on March 28, 1999 in Cremona at “Progetto Jazz” for Teatro Ponchielli

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