Stefano Maltese
Open Sound Ensemble

Leo Records (CD 265), 1999

1 Words-Two Colours 19:26
2 Les Jours Et Les Reves 10:34
3 Dentro II Vetro 7:39
4 Frogs In June 11:58
5 Crossing Stars 5:42
6. Unreal City 13:57
7. Wide Eyes Kissing 4:30

All compositions by Stefano Maltese

Stefano Maltese: soprano saxophone & alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Arkady Shilkloper: French horn, flugelhorn
Sophia Domancich: piano
Paul Rogers: five strings double bass
Antonio Moncada: drums & percussion
Gioconda Cilio: voice

Recorded on 8 and 9 September 1998 at La Nuova Ciminiera Studio, Catania, Sicily

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