Stefano Maltese’s Sonic Maze

LS 015 Labirinti Sonori 2015

1. The Elusive Body
2. Wind Calling
3. Sìkkurat
4. The Dowser
5. Dancing Water Song
6. Red and Gold
7. Dawn Wind
8. ‘Round Midnight

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Stefano Maltese: flute, alto flute, wooden flute, tin wistle, saxello, alto sax, percussion
Salvo Scucces: vibraphone, Eb clarinet, percussion
Alessandro Nobile: double bass, percussion
Antonio Moncada: drums & percussion

All compositions by Stefano Maltese, except # 8 by Thelonious Monk
Recorded live at the Labirinti Sonori Siracusa Jazz Festival, September 6, 2014
Sound engineer: Lorenzo Manganaro
Mixdown: Stefano Maltese
Producer: Stefano Maltese
Executive producer: Stefano Maltese for Labirinti Sonori
Cover art: Stefano Maltese

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